Lara Headshot

Lara is an award-winning bellydancer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her exciting performances bring delight to audiences both on stage and in the more intimate restaurant environment. Lara enjoys performing far and wide with appearances in 2014 including New York City, Istanbul and Miami among others. Lara was also one of the Final Six in season 2 of the hit web show Project Belly Dance.

In addition to studying belly dance several times a week, she also supplements her dancing education with classes in ballet, hip hop, tango and yoga. Several amazing dancers have had significant impact on Lara’s dance eduction. Her primary teacher, mentor and troupe director is Sandra who is a constant source of inspiration. Lara is deeply grateful to Aziza for her guidance and skillful instruction. And Lisa Zahiya‘s career advice and coaching have pushed Lara in new directions. She has also learned a great deal from other influential dancers including Maria, Malia deFelice, Suhaila Salimpour, Merecedes Nieto, Mohamed Shahin, Tito, Tamalyn Dallal, Tamra Henna, Bozenka, Zahra Zuhair, Rachel Brice and others. Lara is level 1 certified in the Suhaila Salimpour format.

Lara performing a sword dance

Although Lara typically performs solo, she also dances in several groups. As the award-winning duet Sassafras, Lara and her dance partner Courtney engage the audience with fun and entertaining performances. Lara is proud to be a part of Khamsin, a professional troupe with upbeat choreographies and the 2013 Belly Dance Troupe of the Year. Lara is also one third of the award-winning trio Seshata with the other members, Eve and Andreea.

When she’s not dancing her heart out, Lara puts her doctorate in Computer Science from Stanford to good use as a software engineer.


2nd Runner Up – Belly Queen of Carnival of Stars 2014
People’s Choice – Belly Dancer of the Universe 2013 – Universal
Congeniality – Belly Dancer of the Universe 2013 – Universal
2nd Place – Jewel of the Sierra 2012 – Opal (Props)
3rd Place – Jewel of the Sierra 2012 – Emerald (Live Music)
3rd Runner Up – Belly Dancer of the Universe 2012 – Specialty Prop
Congeniality – Belly Dancer of the Universe 2011 – Taxim
1st Place – Personal Best Middle Eastern Dance Competition 2009 – Headliner
2nd Place – Jewel of the Sierra 2009 – Sapphire
1st Place – Double Crown Belly Dance Competition 2008 – Phoenix
1st Place – East Coast Classic 2008 – Rising Star
1st Place – Double Crown Belly Dance Competition 2007 – Isis
2nd Place – Wiggles of the West 2007 – Rising Star
3rd Place – Arabesque Belly Dance Competition 2007 – Rising Star

Lara performs a turkish tea tray dance at BDUC 2012