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Fuchsia and Gold Bella

bella belly dance bellydance costume bedlah bra belt

I absolutely adore this costume. The color just pops! It's wonderfully comfortable due to slightly wider shoulder straps. The skirt has a chiffon bustle that really accents hip movements and the beading hangs in perfect drapes. Half of the hip area and one bra cup are covered in rosettes that each have sequins in the center for extra sparkle. The costume is in great condition with no bead loss. The lining shows some wear and is worn through where one shoulder strap crosses the other strap but this is not noticeable when wearing and has not affected the beading. This costume comes with the longer, more decorated gauntlets and not the short, simple ones. Comes with bra, skirt, gauntlets, necklace, and half-circle chiffon veil.

Bra: up to 33.5" B/C/D
Skirt Top Hips: 35" max
Skirt Length: 39" on sides, 36" at center dip

Price: SOLD

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