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Navy Blue Bella

bella belly dance bellydance costume bedlah bra belt

If you love the look of a Great Loop, this is the costume for you! The fringe hangs in swags but has great movement. Both the belt and bra are velvet and loaded with rhinestone brooches so it has tons of sparkle! Bra is a halter top. You have your choice of two different kinds of armbands: princess sleeves with drapes or those that go around the wrist. Possibly my favorite part is the necklace which is more delicate than most Bella necklaces. I picked up this costume at the Belgium store and it's only been worn for a handful of performances and photos. Like new condition, no bead loss. Costume includes bra, belt, skirt, princess sleeves, wristlets, headband, necklace and half circle chiffon veil.

Bra: up to 32.5" stretched (set for 29") C/D
Belt: up to 37"
Skirt: length - 37"

Price: SOLD

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