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Teal & Pink Bella

bella belly dance bellydance costume bedlah bra belt

I picked up this costume at Bella's Belgium store. My favorite part about it is the color combination -- I never would have thought to put teal and pink together but Bella is a genius. Combined with the paillettes and crystals, this costume is like a walking party! No bead loss. The armbands originally had drapes which I removed because they interfered with veil work. They were completely unharmed by the removal process, can be easily reattched and will be included. Comes with bra, combination belt-skirt, headband, necklace, armbands, wristbands, and half-circle chiffon veil.

Bra: up to 36" C/D
Belt: up to 33"
Skirt: length - 37" (currently tacked up to 36")

Price: SOLD

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