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Teal Sim

bella belly dance bellydance costume bedlah bra belt

I got this costume used but it's still full of life and sparkle! The belt is fabulously heavy with loads of fringe that make your shimmies look awesome. The bra is lined with velvet and has thick shoulder straps and elastic at the back so it's incredibly comfortable. There's no noticeable bead loss on the bra or belt although there is a strand of fringe missing (but you can't tell due to the waterfall of fringe). Both are lined with wire on the top edge for better body molding. The bottom of the skirt is somewhat worn with some bead loss, but could be fixed with some rebeading if someone wanted to take the time. A previous owner told me it was a Sim, but the tags are no longer in the costume. Comes with belt, bra, skirt, necklace, gauntlets, and headband (not shown in photos).

Bra: up to 36" stretched (set for 29") A/B/C
Belt: up to 38"
Skirt: length - 36"

Price: SOLD

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